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As part of the Tall Ships Race, a fleet of traditional ships sails from Aalborg (Denmark) via Fredrikstad and Bergen (Norway) to Aarhus (Denmark). The special for you: the event is targeted for young people of 16-25 years. You will see ships from many countries and meet international crews of your age. In the harbors there are big harbor festivals with live music, funny crew parades, fireworks and much more. This will be a great and unforgettable adventure.

You are an integral part of the crew and involved in all areas. You can participate in the planning and navigation, take the wheel and keep the ship on course, set sail and much more. You will be at sea for several days at a time and experience the feeling of being able to reach its destination without the help of an engine. Just with the wind. In the family atmosphere of the ALEXA, a team quickly develops that can rely on each other and in which you occupy an important place. You do not need sailing experience. Everything you need to know is learned directly on board.

More information about this great festival of traditional tall and small ships for young people can be found on the website of the organizer.

Aalborg, Denmark

The organizers and affiliated organizations want to make this unique experience possible for as many young people as possible. Therefore, there are also financial support. Under certain conditions, you can apply for up to € 330 subsidy from the Sail Training Association Germany (S.T.A.G.). Further funding is possible through the SULTANATE OF OMAN BURSARY FUND 2019. Again, the S.T.A.G. is your contact person. And of course we are happy to help you as well.

You can take part at the Tall Ships Race on the ALEXA in legs or the complete race.

Leg 1 (03.07. – 13.07. from Aalborg to Fredrikstad)

Fredrikstad, Norway

The starting port of Tall Ships Races is Aalborg in Denmark. You can expect an extensive entertainment program, sporting and cultural crew activities, crew parade, fireworks and more. On 06.07. we start in the first exciting race with waypoints in the Skagerrak. Latest on 11.07. we should have arrived in Fredrikstad (Norway). Fredrikstad also has a great harbor festival and crew program for you. On Saturday, 13.07. the first leg aboard the ALEXA ends with breakfast.

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Leg 2 (13.07. – 23.07. from Fredrikstad to Bergen)

Bergen, Norway – Crew Parade

On 13.07. you arrive on board in Fredrikstad. Let yourself be infected by the hustle and bustle and the good mood on board and on land with the many activities, experience with us the evening fireworks. On Sunday we will be parade with the other ships and head for Bergen in a cruise in company.

There we will arrive no later than 21.07. on. Live music on various stages, crew parade, crew activities … Bergen also has a lot to offer.

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Leg 3 (23.07.-04.08. from Bergen to Aarhus)

Aarhus, Denmark

In Bergen you will arrive on 23.07. on board. Enjoy the various land events and the big fireworks in the evening. The next day we run in a parade with the other ships and will have an exciting race to Aarhus.

The arrival there is until 01.08. At the end of the official part of the Tall Ships Race 2019 we can enjoy three days of concerts, crew parade, crew party with the other crews and fireworks.

On the last day our adventure ends after breakfast.

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